Infrastructure Enablement

w3r offers a gateway solution with regard to infrastructure enablement, allowing your enterprise to conserve data scientist hours, hardware resources and database administration time—among other valuable resources. Our solutions can be implemented rapidly on Windows or Linux standalone servers, as well as virtual machines on existing hosts. These solutions are scalable from a few million rows of data to multiple petabytes of data. What’s more, data sets from multiple sources can be defined, scrubbed of sensitive material and flattened—providing analysts precisely what they need. Once data sets are transformed and loaded on this new platform, the traditional database servers, file servers and storage area networks are unaffected by queries completed by analysts. Because processing is done on this new platform, risk of affecting operational systems is minimized. Thus, security is increased since database administrators no longer need to apply sweeping or highly granular permissions to the traditional systems and have no ability to access or harm the originating systems. When it comes to infrastructure enablement, w3r’s gateway service offering helps you work smarter and safer.