To maintain a competitive position, financial enterprises require sophisticated strategies and practical solutions that can be implemented quickly and seamlessly. Among other factors, lower interest rates, regulatory reform, and demanding capital and reporting requirements have created a challenging milieu for financial institutions. At w3r, we help you overcome these obstacles and others using sound research and smart strategies—whether your needs are related to staffing or resource onboarding, information technology or data analytics.

How we help

  • Human capital and contingent labor optimization
  • Data analytic services
  • Agile development and UX/UI visualization services
  • Regulatory/compliance delivery services
  • Bank program delivery services
  • Bank infrastructure enablement services
  • Enterprise architecture services


If you’re a health care or health care insurance enterprise, w3r offers a range of services to help keep your company profitable and competitive. Whether you have short-term or long-term talent needs, require IT or broader business consulting services, or want to harness the power of data analytics to help aid organizational decision-making, we can help. Our talented team consists of seasoned experts who work tirelessly, applying their health care industry knowledge and experience for your enterprise’s benefit.

Case Studies

Data science and advanced analytics helps leading health insurer identify cost recovery results that were 6 times greater than historic efforts Customized talent solution quickly increases fill ratio from 35 percent to 90 percent for prominent health care provider group Quadrupled Health Risk Assessment (HRA) completion rates help an insurer preserve compliance and ensure contract retention Harnessing the power of advanced analytics to help a large health care insurer increase Medicare Advantage enrollment

How we help

  • Enterprise healthcare, clinical and  IT talent acquisition
  • Claim system optimization
  • Performance and operational analytics
  • Workforce analytics
  • Customer analytics
  • Information management execution
  • Information technology consulting
  • Infrastructure enablement