Your Guide to Overcoming Your Healthcare Staffing Challenges

Everything from the global pandemic to national talent shortages have exacerbated the ability of healthcare organizations to find the top talent they rely upon to function at full capacity. Without enough skilled professionals in place, care outcomes and performance metrics drop below permissible levels. Organizations looking to hire contingent workers or permanent staff need to leverage the right hiring practices from the start.

Using our healthcare industry experience and observations of industry innovators, we have assembled a variety of w3r resources that can help you overcome your healthcare challenges and build a resourceful workforce for this ever-changing world.

Your Guide to Overcoming Your Healthcare Staffing Challenges

The Truth about the Healthcare IT Talent Shortage

Almost three-fourths of IT and healthcare industry leaders reported difficulty filling their open healthcare IT positions in a timely and uncomplicated manner. Though each technical position presents its own unique hurdles for filling, there are specific types of IT talent that are harder to find and attract than others. Before you start your next candidate search, be sure to review this list to determine how many barriers you should expect to encounter when searching for certain roles including:

  • IT Security
  • Data Analysts
  • And more