Anil Kannan

Director of Business Development

Who is helping your business identify the strategic solutions necessary to further your goals? If it is Anil Kannan, Director of Business Development at w3r Consulting, you’re in good hands. He does the hard yet delicate work of turning the visions of healthcare and financial services organizations into a reality. 

Anil builds trust with executives and key leaders, identifying opportunities and aspirations before presenting tailored IT staffing services to fulfill them. His strategic thinking and results-oriented mindset set every partnership up for success. Always thinking of the big picture, Anil manages accounts in ways that can enhance revenue, maximize resource planning, coordinate team members, and align with business forecasting.

As part of the w3r team, his efforts have increased the profitability of the organization’s IT staffing services. Anil’s heightened work ethic and resourcefulness have resulted in his ability to routinely surpass annual revenue goals and targets. 

Beyond his day job, Anil is an active member of his local community. He is an eager participant in w3r’s charity and local Kerala Club events. In his free time, Anil spends it supporting his local cricket team, traveling with his family, or fueling his passion for automobiles.