Partnering with experts who understand your industry challenges, regulations, and opportunities helps you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently. At w3r Consulting, here’s where we shine:


To maintain a competitive position, financial enterprises require sophisticated strategies and practical solutions that can be implemented quickly and seamlessly. Among other factors, consumer demands, interest rates, regulatory reform, capital demand and reporting requirements have created a challenging milieu for financial institutions. w3r will help you overcome these obstacles through creativity and innovation – whether your needs are related to locating and onboarding the best talent available or deploying solution teams that support your key technology transformation or data enablement initiatives.

How we help

  • Human capital and contingent labor optimization
  • Data discovery, augmentation, integration, and governance
  • API engineering and modernization
  • Cloud migration and transformation
  • Product development and deployment
  • Regulatory/compliance delivery services


If you’re a healthcare or healthcare insurance enterprise, w3r offers a range of technical and operational services to keep your patients and members healthy and engaged. We can help you harness the power of your data, optimize your IT and business operations, or hire short-term or long-term talent to improve care outcomes. Our team of seasoned experts will work tirelessly, applying their healthcare industry knowledge and experience, to keep your business strong and resilient in an ever-changing market.

How we help

  • Enterprise healthcare, clinical and IT talent acquisition
  • Data integration and optimization
  • Performance and operational analytics
  • Data and intelligence
  • Information technology consulting & transformation

Industry Quotes


When our department needed to address mandates related to 3rd party data exchange, we reached out to w3r Consulting for guidance and results. Their partnership was indispensable. Not only did they understand our industry, but they anticipated challenges and provided best practices that addressed the mandate and data exposure, and enhanced the final outcomes.


The business of mitigating risk and protecting investments for customers and shareholders is no longer as predictable as it once was. Everything from climate change and global health crises to inflation and increased competition are stretching budgets, hindering profitability, and shrinking available market share. At w3r Consulting, we combine data management and analytics expertise with insurance sector know-how to deliver solutions that reduce uncertainty, control loss, and grow policy sales.

How we help

  • Digital transformation
  • Compliance and data audits and assessments
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Fraud detection enablement
  • Multichannel customer optimization

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