Craig Ingram

Director of Sales

Sustaining organizational growth requires dedicated leaders at all levels who are resourceful enough to generate results. Craig Ingram, Director of Sales at w3r Consulting, has made clear contributions with both traits since joining the company. 

Craig has over 22 years of business development experience, connecting with organizations across multiple industries that provide solutions that satisfy their business needs. His ability to strike up conversations with everyone, connecting with prospects and established clients on an individual level, allows him to understand their challenges to provide customized and calibrated solutions. His team appreciates his down-to-earth style. Craig is always willing to impart strategies on how to manage existing accounts and build strong bonds with new customers. Through his drive, he and the team overcome complex issues and help each client achieve their overall business goals. 

Craig brings the same level of enthusiasm and compassion to his personal life. He earned two bachelor’s degrees in accounting and information systems at Ferris State University. He has long supported the nonprofit Labor of Love, helping repair homes throughout Michigan with his community at Shepherds of the Lake Church. Everywhere he goes, he makes a positive impression on those around him.