Megan Hoef

Fulfillment Director

Resourcefulness and adaptivity drive success in the IT recruitment and talent acquisition world. Megan Hoef, Fulfillment Director at w3r Consulting, embodies these characteristics. She continuously brings innovative ideas to the table to help w3r and clients meet existing and developing talent needs.   

Megan pairs her creativity with data to achieve the best results. Prior to joining w3r, she managed recruitment strategy and execution for large accounts across industries, regularly monitoring key metrics and performance to align with business objectives. Now, she puts her results-driven approach into action for w3r Consulting.

Every day as part of the team, Megan provides actionable market insights to continue attracting top talent and training exceptional recruitment professionals. She has driven the adoption of leading-edge recruitment tools, critical process improvements, and data audits to enhance staffing and recruiting operations.

Her passion for making a positive impact doesn’t start and end at w3r’s front doors. Community engagement and volunteer work have always played a role in Megan’s life. From serving in her local church’s children’s ministry program to giving her time to local nonprofits alongside her w3r teammates, she brings her all to those who need her energy and talent.