Patrick Tomina

Chief Financial Officer

How do businesses strike the right balance between fiscal responsibility, bold business goals, and compassion for their people? By emphasizing those values from the top down. Patrick Tomina, Founder and Chief Financial Officer at w3r Consulting, blends all three within his unique management style.

Since the beginning, Patrick has focused on sustainable growth, always ensuring the company has enough capital to expand capacity, build teams, make investments, and handle unforeseen circumstances.

He takes his role as a risk manager protecting company resources seriously, providing daily oversight for the finance, human resources, and operations functions. His ability to safeguard company assets, develop financial models which can identify and optimize growth, and implement cost-savings programs has kept the company flexible and profitable.

Part of what makes Patrick exceptional is this: his concerns don’t stop at balance sheets and profit margins. He is a people-first leader. Closely involved in the organization, Patrick strives to empower people at every level of the company to do incredible work. 

His energy doesn’t end outside of the w3r office. He manages to juggle several businesses, time with family and friends, and even pursuing his hobbies in the great outdoors.