Rick Birkenbeuel

Regional Manager

The landscape of every industry is continuously changing, but the strongest leaders know how to make the future as predictable as possible. Richard (Rick) Birkenbeuel, Regional Manager at w3r Consulting, is a data-driven decision maker who develops paths for client success. His mind for facts and figures results in resolutions for their pressing business problems.

Rick founded an IT consultancy, but a fork in the road of his career compelled him to apply his analytical mind to the challenges of the sales, recruiting, and management world. As part of the w3r Consulting team, he oversees the groups of offshore recruiters, directing the efforts of resources in India, Ukraine, and the Philippines to consistently exceed clients’ service level agreements.

His passion for learning new technologies and business strategies always boosts the team’s ability to deliver high volumes of exceptional consultants to join clients’ workforce, long-term or temporary. Plus, he eagerly shares his knowledge with the w3r team.  

For Rick, mentorship isn’t just a talent—it’s a passion. He feels most fulfilled when he sees light bulbs turn on in his team members’ heads as they develop new skillsets, which naturally leads to organization-wide success. Outside of work, he enjoys golf, fishing, cycling, and canoeing.