Steve Emsley

Technology Director and Security & Compliance Officer

Today’s businesses rely on an intricate web of cloud-based platforms, data-driven systems, and cybersecurity practices to thrive and protect their assets. Stephen Emsley, Technology Director and Security & Compliance Officer at w3r Consulting, enables the business to unlock the power of leading-edge technology. His endless curiosity, drive, and attention to detail make him an indispensable asset to the w3r team.

Stephen spent his early career working for a Fortune 150 company, learning how to manage intricate multimillion-dollar projects from ideation and design through execution and support. Now, he applies his wealth of knowledge and a metrics-driven approach to create compliant and efficient solutions at the information, infrastructure, and application levels. His goal is to always add value and produce outcomes that increase performance, reduce expenses, and deliver security enhancements.   

What makes Stephen particularly vital to the w3rteam is his comprehension of clients’ business challenges. He acts as a close advisor to any member of the w3r family eager to maximize the cost and process efficiency of client outcomes.   

Outside the office, Stephen brings the same level of passion to everything he does. Whether working with community partners or spending time with friends and family, he is always his full self.