5 Traits Your Managed Service Provider Needs from a Staffing Partner

Oct 25, 2017

A managed service provider is only as good as the quantity and quality of professionals in its pipeline. Where and how they find those professionals distinguishes their business from competitors. More frequently, the top MSPs in the market will be those that have found the right talent solutions partner. Instead of putting faith in the first vendor that crosses your path, review staffing partners that fit the following five point criteria.

1.) Their Delivery Model Is Customizable to Your Program and Vertical

Consistent delivery of top talent does not happen by accident. The right staffing partner will have a set of standard processes in place to find quality candidates while offering some customization to cover a variety of verticals and businesses. The right staffing model strikes a balance between flexibility and consistency.

Too much customization contributes to a costly cycle of revolving processes that drain resources and limit coverage. Too little customization causes staffing partners to become too rigid in their niche, adhering to outdated techniques as the market shifts. More than wanting your business, the right staffing solutions partner knows that their blend of processes is properly suited to your type of business.

2.) Their Program Metrics are Proven to Deliver Talent

A good staffing partner makes your metrics their metrics. They self-monitor and report on their performance across a variety of program measures (depending upon what your MSP has prioritized). Though these are not the only metrics to measure, we find that a good talent acquisition partner exhibits a strong track record across the following four performance metrics:

  • Quality – The quality of candidate a staffing partner submits is apparent through two measures. Interviews per submittal shows they can identify quality candidates using the job order and their knowledge of your business. Hires per interview to show they can identify the best candidate from the talent pool.
  • Speed – Forecasting ahead of need is crucial to reliable performance, but sometimes demands creep up outside of your expectations. Though speed will vary between different candidate volumes and roles, the best success comes from staffing partners that can deliver within the first 48 hours (roles that need submissions within 24 hours should be conscious of the quality they should expect). Either way, time-to-fill and time-to-submit are the two most important metrics.
  • Cost – This is more than reviewing your staffing partner’s fee structure. Their own benchmarks reflect how effectively the staffing partner operates as it sources, screens, interviews, and manages talent. The lower the costs, the more efficient your partner will be at finding you the right talent at the right price.
  • Coverage – Is a staffing partner biting off more than it can chew? Coverage identifies whether or not a job order is actively worked by the staffing company. Overextended staffing firms demonstrate fewer placements. Healthy coverage for a staffing partner ranges from 80% to all of their jobs having candidates submitted to them (depending on the demand of your project).

3.) Their Consultant Care Program is Highly Effective

Metrics prove a staffing partner’s capability, but the presence of a consultant care program is what drives results. Candidates need guidance through the entire recruitment lifecycle because sourcing, screening, and interviewing is only the beginning of the process.

Whether working with a W2 or 1099 employee, a great staffing partner begins to prepare for long-term retention early. They start the onboarding process as they vet candidates, helping to make the transition smooth. They are proactive about addressing HR issues in an expedient way, allowing MSPs to focus on day-to-day operations. Their commitment to maintaining relationships with the candidates helps to prevent falloff or early termination, saving your business on overall hiring expenses.

4.) Their Partnership Goes Beyond Placements

The right staffing partner wants to be interconnected with your business. Your challenges become their challenges as both sides seek out a solution. They work to understand your business, apply their knowledge of talent acquisition and market trends to your challenges, and voice their concerns when an opportunity is being overlooked.

For example, we have customers with very different feelings about hiring H-1B talent. Some are amenable to the idea and others hold out. In a market where top talent is increasingly scarce, we work directly with our clients to realize whether a policy set years ago is worth letting project deliverables run late. Our stance as a true partner is to cultivate opportunities that will bring our clients the best results for their business.

5.) Their Long-Term Strategy Promotes and Expands Your Business

A strong partnership grows over time and the right talent solutions provider is going to seek out new ways to advance your overall business. Different parts of your MSP or even the larger corporation can benefit from the insight your staffing partner has gathered from the partnership.

Our own approach is designed to be proactive. We ask ourselves: Where can we partner further together inside your corporation? How can we help you to grow your business? Then, we reach out to decision makers to determine the best way to grow your business and use our foresight to predict opportunities that will deliver the best results.

Want to work with a staffing partner that understands the challenges and opportunities of an MSP? Contact W3R Consulting. We have been working with managed service providers since we opened for business and know how to consistently deliver talent that exceeds your expectations.

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