Data Ingestion

Data Ingestion and Engineering

The growing volume of raw, unstructured data gathered by organizations has made interpreting and harnessing that data a difficult prospect. Take into account that most data is spread across incongruous and unconnected caches, and the act of reporting on your data in any significant way becomes a nightmare. However, organizations that take the initiative to relocate data into a large central data lake and establish effective governance practices will simplify the analysis process for users and decision makers downstream.

w3r’s data ingestion and data engineering services enable organizations to cleanse, integrate, and build the environment that optimizes disparate data sources into a highly accessible and usable format. We oversee the prioritization of real-time and batch data, ensuring that enterprise-wide storage is not only consolidated but clean, consistent, and high quality. Using our extensive industry experience, we provide the following:

  • Real-time and batch data ingestion
  • Data storage
  • Data cleansing and refinement
  • Data integration
  • Data exchange
  • Testing and quality assurance