Enterprise Data Warehouse & Big Data

Data Warehouse and Big Data

In the information age, an organization’s data can revolutionize its decision making, but the increasing volume, variety, and complexity of that data may deter some from pursuing their maximum value. However, the prospect of reducing operational costs, predicting market trends, or improving insight into customer or member habits promises too great an ROI to avoid. For your organization to improve data-powered decision making, you need the guidance of business and technology experts who comprehend the best practices of leveraging big data and data modeling in real-world scenarios.

w3r’s enterprise data warehousing and big data solutions offer organizations guidance through the end-to-end lifecycle of data warehousing and big data analytics. Our team of experts conducts a rigorous requirement gathering process to determine end user needs and current capabilities. Aligning ourselves with the organization’s data strategy, we develop data marts and big data platforms, implement enterprise-level best practices, and provide ongoing support to ensure that end users are capable of extracting game-changing insight from accessible and regulated data sources.

  • Business and technical executive consulting
  • Analytics and technical architecture consulting
  • Data warehouse and data mart build
  • Data ingestion, integration, and engineering
  • Big data technology assessments & selection