Your Guide to Choose Between Multiple Job Offers in a Hot Job Market

Mar 31, 2023

Though big tech companies are downsizing employees and investors are growing cautiously, the job market remains promising for IT professionals. Positive signs like this are reassuring:  

  • The tech unemployment rate in the February jobs report was 2.2%.  
  • Tech companies are still hiring for mission critical technical skills (AI, engineering, and software development).   
  • High-demand tech professionals are still juggling the offers of several companies all at once.  

Even if some companies in Silicon Valley and the startup world are scaling down their workforces, small-to-midsized companies in other fields are looking to pick up top tech talent. That’s where leading professionals have their pick of the litter.  

Yes, those who are currently choosing between multiple job offers have a desirable problem, but it’s one they need to solve, nonetheless. In our experience, weighing several factors can help you to elevate what will be the most rewarding role in the long run. Here’s what you should consider:  

Pinpoint Your Ideal Culture 

A company’s working culture either makes or breaks job satisfaction. It’s no small matter. A survey showed the number one reason why people quit their job because of a toxic work environment. Bad bosses, exhausting work schedules, hostile coworkers, and other factors will eventually wear you down until you renew your job search.  

Evaluating each company for their culture can help you avoid needless headaches on the job. Glassdoor has been the go-to for evaluating potential companies. You’ll glean the pros and cons by skimming a few comments, but you’ll also get the fullest picture by examining multiple reviews with a critical eye for patterns. Pay particular attention to the recency, frequency, or systemic nature of any negative comments, giving those higher ranking in your decision.  

Moreover, reviewing the company across their social media accounts can highlight their values, passion, and engagement within the community. You can also see the ways in which the organization empowers people to bring their interests and values into the workplace –especially if their employees are driving social events and involvement.  

Plan with Growth in Mind 

A Workplace intelligence study finds 74% of Millennials and Generation Z are likely to quit jobs within the next year due to a lack of growth and skills development. Moreover, as artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to change the jobs landscape, it’s key to find roles where organizations actively invest in their people.  

Of course, each job should contribute in some way to your career growth, but there are intentional actions companies can take to promote development for their employees. Evaluate every organization for opportunities like: 

  • Mentorship programs: Detailed onboarding doesn’t need to be the ending point of close one-on-one guidance within your organization. As many as 92% of US Fortune 500s have mentoring programs, but many others have some level of structure to cultivate their next generation of leadership. Ask companies about mentorships during the interview, review Glassdoor for mentions of it, or talk to your recruiter (if you’re working with one) if there are any programs in place.
  • Paid certification programs: Certifications show technical professionals have a uniform and reliable knowledge base and some organizations are eager to unlock that dependability and reputation. If an organization is willing to sponsor your ongoing education, see if they are willing to offer funds for any of the following top IT certifications. If so, you’ll fortify your value in this and future roles.
  • Employee committees: Though more of a way to keep company culture functioning at full efficiency, these types of committees offer chances to nurture your soft skills as well. You can bolster your leadership, organization, and communication skills in a more informal setting—especially if you’re passionate about the committee’s focus.  

Think Stability to Secure Your Career 

With the volatility of the market, you want to look at the sustainability of businesses that are offering you a job. Even if organizations earned windfall profits over the last few years, some may not be equipped for the uncertainty ahead or may operate in industries that lack strong forecasts. Choosing between multiple job offers should always be guided by these questions:  

  • Is their industry future-proof?: When there’s market turbulence and economic waves, some industries are more resilient than others. Specific industries like healthcare and financial services have traditionally proven to be more durable, providing a safer career home for tech professionals during times of ambiguity.
  • What is their financial performance?: Finding out whether the company is on a healthy financial trajectory can quickly eliminate some options. If you can get access to a company’s financial statement, experts suggest you skim their balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, and management’s perspectives on those figures. These data points can show an organization’s long-term solvency. For those unclear about finances, reach out to a financially minded peer to wade through the data and help you make your choice
  • Have they made any recent layoffs?: In the last few years, a San-Francisco-based entrepreneur decided to keep tabs on layoffs across the tech sector and now those data points are available for everyone to review. At, you can learn how many employees were laid off, in what industry they worked, and what percent of the workforce at a company was downsized. It’s a helpful resource but shouldn’t be your sole guiding factor. Some layoffs have been part of companies’ restructuring, making only particular types of roles vulnerable, which might not include your line of work.  

Making Your Final Choice 

In all these instances, it’s important to gather the most information you can and weigh this decision alongside your own values and career goals. Even so, it’s important to remember you don’t have to complete your job search alone.  

Obtaining the help of an outside partner, whether it is a mentor, thoughtful peer, or recruiter from an IT staffing firm can simplify your selection process. The right person can help you evaluate your goals and offer an objective viewpoint, allowing you to make the right choice from your list.  

Is choosing between multiple job offers still a struggle? Maybe you haven’t found the right one yet. Search our jobs or connect with one of our recruiters to put your career on the right track.  

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