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Why You Don’t Have to Leave Nursing to Cut Your On-the-Job Stress

Mar 8, 2022

As a nurse, you’re no stranger to making tough decisions. It’s part of the job, and you’re not afraid to face facts and do what needs to be done. However, when it feels like getting out of nursing is the difficult choice you must make for your own health and wellbeing, we understand why you’ve been reluctant to do it.

If you have tried to recover from nurse burnout on the job, it might help for you to step back from the current work environment that is dousing your passion and take a role that can give you a breather. For many of the burnt-out nurses we’ve spoken to in recent months, one clear opportunity has been a role as a nurse case manager.

This type of nursing job allows RNs to continue to do what they love, but with a greater emphasis on balance and proactive care. So, before you decide to leave nursing for good, here’s what you need to know about a position that can help you recharge your energy and regain your passion.

You Can Work Remotely

Throughout the pandemic, as ICU capacities were surpassed and nurses were expected to work overtime to overcome staffing shortcomings, stress at care facilities hit major high points. Part of the challenge was being in the thick of trauma from day to day. There’s little room to center yourself or be mindful when patients, their families, your coworkers, and administrators are tugging your attention in opposing directions. It’s no wonder why more people consider getting out of nursing these days.

As anyone working in one of our remote nurse case manager roles will tell you, there’s a greater emphasis on creating boundaries. For starters, you’re working from home. If you need it, you can step away from your computer to compose yourself, take a mindfulness moment, or even do some yoga. No one will be standing over your shoulder or paging you from one emergency to the next.

In fact, the nature of a remote work environment is a game changer for nurses. Even if you have young kids running around the house, a work-from-home arrangement comes with less stress (and none of the daily trauma) that you can expect on an ICU or ER shift. Remote work can help you destress in a substantial way.

You Can Reclaim Work-Life Balance

Everyone has their own sense of work-life balance or requirements of what that balance needs to be. All the same, nursing is one of those professions where it’s very easy for your equilibrium to get ignored. Yes, other factors like the meaningfulness of your work can counteract a slight imbalance, but when the scales are tipped too much in one direction, you still feel it. That’s why it’s really no surprise a survey of nurses for McKinsey points to work-life balance as the second highest job priorities.

For those who have thought about getting out of nursing because they’ve had to sacrifice their personal lives for the job, nurse case management offers a healthier alternative. In a short time, many nurses are surprised by how much of their time they reclaim.

One, your regular commute disappears. There might be times you’ll need to travel for work, but it’s more infrequent and allows you to reallocate commute time elsewhere. Two, these positions have shorter schedules, freeing up more time for everything from chores and life responsibilities to spending some quality time with your friends, kids, or significant other.

And because your patients are on the opposite end of a phone or PC, it’s easier to mentally separate your work stresses from your home life. Believe us, your mental health will thank you.

You Can Still Make Difference

What about making a meaningful impact? That’s why you got into this profession, right? Though life has been challenging during the pandemic, you’ve been on the front lines helping people to survive COVID and supporting a healthcare system under serious strain. Will you still make a difference if you take an office job?

The answer is yes! As a nurse case manager, you can build relationships and connect with patients to transform their care journey. You’ll have the chance to work with regular patients, allowing you to assess their wellbeing, create treatment plans, schedule appointments, and follow up with people as a proactive partner. You’ll be their guardian angel guiding them to recovery and better health.

Without all the other distractions, you can give people your full attention as you care for them and provide them with the expertise and compassion that will help them to live longer and more fulfilling lives.

Rather than getting out of nursing, maybe it’s time for you to change up the type of nursing work you’re doing. Click below to learn about our open nurse case manager jobs and how you can make a difference with far less stress.




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