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W3r Consulting Partners with Gleaners Community Food Bank to Feed Hungry Families

Jul 18, 2022

W3r Consulting Partners with Gleaners Community Food Bank to Feed Hungry Families


At w3r Consulting, service is not just what we do—it’s who we are. In fact, we see the principle of service as a core part of our DNA, a true calling that motivates our actions inside and outside the office. That’s why, when we see areas of need throughout Southeast Michigan where the hard work and community spirit of our employees can improve the lives of people, we seek out organizations capable of maximizing our efforts and impact.

Gleaners Community Food Bank of Detroit has been a go-to partner of w3r Consulting for a long time because of the exceptional work they facilitate. Their goal of creating a hunger-free community in Southeast Michigan is holistic and aims to address the complex problems behind food insecurity in ways that extend beyond bringing food to those struggling with hunger in our communities. They recognize that to fight hunger within the Detroit Metropolitan area, everyday people and organizations need to address the root causes as well as the resulting problems.

Since our team has volunteered with Gleaners in the past, we were familiar with the processes of how they work to sort and pack food to help feed children, families, seniors, veterans, and other vulnerable neighbors of our community. On this particular outing, the w3r Consulting team gathered at their Food Hub, working feverishly to sort through several large boxes and separate them into smaller 30 pounds boxes which would be sent out to their distribution centers.

The food was donated through various efforts including a major contribution from the Detroit area USPS during their annual NALC Stamp Out Hunger food drive (millions of pounds of food are donated over the course of this event). During our shift, the w3r team enthusiastically jumped between boxes—dancing to a great playlist provided by the Gleaners team to energize volunteers—and compiled over 4 tons (~8800 lbs.) of food for immediate distribution to people in need throughout the surrounding Detroit Metropolitan area.

“The work that organizations like Gleaners Community Food Bank do makes a world of difference in the lives of families dealing with food insecurity in our community,” said David Reich, VP of Strategy & Business Development. “As always, the w3r team was happy to make a meaningful contribution that helps them to keep the kitchens and pantries of our neighbors across Southeast Michigan well-stocked with healthy food.”



Want to learn about how you can help Detroit’s Gleaners Community Food Bank? Visit their website for your chance to make a difference. If you want to stay aware of the local nonprofits we support (and maybe find out how you can help them), check out our blog for community engagement stories.




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