How w3r Consulting and “The Holiday Shop” at The Children’s Center Are Sharing Joy

Dec 10, 2021

How w3r Consulting and “The Holiday Shop” at The Children’s Center Are Sharing Joy

When we think about the holidays, a collage of warm images come to mind. Evenings spent celebrating the season with friends and family – reflecting on the year and looking forward with great expectations. Our usual holiday parties where we honor the hard work of our consultants and the loyalty of our clients and partners (both cancelled due to pandemic). Even the exchange of presents, though less important as we mature in years, recalls fond memories.

Yet not everyone is so fortunate. The last few years put plenty of strain upon American families to make ends meet. In fact, an annual Deloitte survey found 11.5% of Americans, a record number since they have conducted this survey, don’t plan on spending any money on presents or gift cards this holiday season. That means thousands of children in communities all over the country might have a little less magic and cheer this December.

By collaborating with one of our long-time community partners, members of the w3r Consulting team have taken up the call to help uplift the spirits of families hit by these hard times. Here’s how we teamed up with a local organization, a pillar in the Detroit community, to bring a little light (or merriment) to those who need it most.

Working with The Children’s Center

One organization that continues to live above and beyond our expectations is the The Children’s Center (TCC). TCC provides mental health services to children and families in Wayne County and Detroit who are struggling with mental, behavioral, developmental, intellectual, and/or emotional challenges. Many of the people they serve have experienced some form of trauma, ranging from neglect to abuse and everything in between.

With a history that traces back decades, this organization continues to change lives and provide a safety net for our friends and neighbors in need. During the holiday season, when small acts of kindness can have a colossal impact, The Children’s Center sees an opportunity to share and sustain joy and hope among the people who need it most: children.



The Holiday Shop at The Children’s Center

Over 10 years ago, The Children’s Center recognized an opportunity to serve low-income families to not only fulfill their basic needs, but to make their holiday celebrations feel special for children who might have otherwise gone without. For the month of December, TCC runs the Holiday Shop to help children and families, specifically those using their mental health services and struggling financially, to find extra cheer as 2022 nears.

This year, TCC is supporting over 500 families through the Holiday Shop, helping to provide approximately 1,500 children with presents, cold weather clothing, and fleece blankets. Children and families are identified by clinicians, as well as child welfare staff, to participate in Holiday Shop based on their needs. Then, parents or caregivers come and “shop” for their children with each child receiving toys, hat, gloves, books, and stocking stuffers – as well as a blanket and a gift card for a holiday meal.

As one of our trusted community partners, members of the w3r team were all too enthusiastic to help. In fact, our team couldn’t wait to jump in. Our volunteers donated their time (and even a few presents) to help families find gifts and garments for children of all ages. As a team, we also provided gifts to other children not receiving services from The Children’s Center, so we can extend happiness to as many needy families as possible.

Though we were giving back to the community, everyone walked away with a sense of gratification, seeing the relief and appreciation on the faces of the families they had a chance to help. If you donate to the Holiday Shop at The Children’s Center by December 15th, you can contribute to this wonderful cause too.

“When you are going through unimaginable challenges, it’s very easy for children and the families we serve to feel forgotten, lonely, or deprived during this time of year,” said David Reich, VP of Strategy & Business Development. “Our goal upon working with The Children’s Center is to promote a joyous holiday experience for all by helping those with financial stress forget their worries for a time.”

Want to bring a smile to a child’s face this holiday season? Donate toys, hats, gloves, blankets, or even a financial contribution at The Children’s Center Holiday Shop.



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