w3r Healthcare Salary Guide 2019

Waist Up Portrait Of Smiling Young Nurse Talking To Patient Stan How much can the most sought after healthcare professionals earn in 2019? A diverse set of factors affect the answer. Healthcare specializations, current certifications, tech skills, and local demand all contribute to the exact compensation industry experts can expect. Whether you are evaluating new opportunities or extending an offer, your ability to pinpoint accurate compensation will impact your ability to achieve your long-term goals. Rather than weighing all of these ingredients yourself, rely on our expertise to streamline your research into healthcare salaries. Using our 24 years of experience with thousands of healthcare organizations and professionals, we have created the w3r Healthcare Salary Guide 2019. Our team has combined our dynamic knowledge of prevailing industry trends, top paying skills, and successful hiring strategies into a guide that simplifies the decision-making processes. We hope you make full use of our expertise, whether you want to elevate your career or improve your organization’s performance with top talent.

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What to Expect from the Healthcare Industry in 2019

As the healthcare industry delves further into the value-based care model, more organizations are turning to cutting-edge technologies and techniques to reduce costs and enhance care outcomes. As a result, 2019 will be marked by exciting new developments that cause healthcare organizations to advance the precision of their services, processes, and operations.

Organizations Will Zoom in On Their Data

Healthcare organizations have come to realize the importance of their comprehensive data, from medical records and local/regional/national healthcare statistics to claims volume and feedback surveys. Rather than strictly reviewing the big picture with big data analytics, more organizations will refine their focus on patient and member data, improving population health management and precision medicine practices. Data management will be crucial if organizations hope to verify that their analysis stems from meaningful and accurate data.

Healthcare Will Transform Through AI

Artificial intelligence will also continue to augment the healthcare industry. Clinical and non-clinical use cases have proven the ability of AI tools to enhance diagnostics, risk assessments, and decision making. The adoption of machine learning is happening so fast that 54% of healthcare pros expect AI to be widespread in the industry by 2023.

Closer Engagement Will Improve Care Outcomes

The growing acceptance of value-based care as a mainstream healthcare model (only 37% of healthcare organizations used a fee-for-service model in 2018) has been a catalyst for more hands-on care practices. Case managers will take on a more central role in proactive medicine and combating the opioid crisis. Additionally, healthcare payors will not only continue to improve their analytics but their ongoing engagement with members to ensure that they improve HEDIS measures and the quality of care outcomes. healthcare 1

The Highest Paying Healthcare Skills on the Market

As the value-based care surpasses the fee-for-service model, more organizations need top professionals who can help reduce costs, increase patient/member satisfaction, and diminish medical errors. However, low unemployment numbers combined with the scarcity of senior business and clinical leaders needed to lead the execution of effective value-based care have elevated compensation across the industry. That said, here are some of the highest paying healthcare skillsets on the U.S. job market.

Nurse Case Management