IT Services in the Healthcare Industry

These days, the secret to supporting your members and giving them access to value-based care depends on having the right blend of technology solutions in place. As you’ve likely recognized, you’re dealing with constantly moving goal posts.

Evolving IT benchmarks and shifting regulations put you in a position where you have to keep your finger on the pulse of innovation. However, that doesn’t mean that your organization should innovate for innovation’s sake. The top organizations in the payor space are strategic about how they implement IT services in healthcare scenarios and find the best business IT solutions.

With decades of experience, w3r Consulting has compiled our growing knowledge to provide customers with a foundational understanding of where the market has been and where we are going.

Your Guide to IT Services in Healthcare Industry Scenarios

Improving HEDIS Measures: How to Optimize Your Member Engagement

Improving HEDIS Measures: How to Optimize Your Member Engagement

Since HEDIS performance measures were first introduced in the ‘90s, they have gradually grown into a gold standard for the quality of care available through healthcare payors. Yet payors need to be proactive about staying current with new and updated measures determined by the NCQA. With that in mind, here are some best practices for payors to enact if they want to continue to rank high amongst their peers.

  • Effectively use outreach programs to approach members
  • Target members that satisfy multiple HEDIS measures
  • Facilitate the appointment

Predictive Analytics