Jenny Gully

Accounting Manager and Leader

Adaptability leads to resilient businesses that can quickly adjust to the ever-changing needs of candidates and customers. Jenny Gully, Accounting Manager at w3r Consulting, plays an integral role in keeping the organization fluid. She regularly develops and improves processes and procedures that empower the organization to grow while still staying compliant with every step.

After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in accounting from Wayne State University and amassing over 25 years of experience in the field, Jenny has poured her expertise into elevating w3r’s accounting capabilities. She creates detailed analysis of financial statements for audit reviews, cementing a culture of regulatory compliance across the company.  

While Jenny is extremely results oriented, she never lets numbers overshadow the importance of people. She uses her first-hand accounting experience to step beyond her immediate role, advising and coaching the accounting department to always improve their performance. Jenny even takes the lead outside of the office, volunteering with several organizations w3r Consulting supports, including Gleaners Food Bank, The Children’s Center, The Chaldean Chamber of Commerce, and The Chaldean Ladies of Charity. 

Jenny is always seeking new ways to grow her leadership, contributions, and impact on the community.