Keith Echols

Executive Vice President

The ability to translate the vision and values of an enterprise into practices and processes that achieve business goals is an exceptional skill. Keith Echols, Executive Vice President at w3r Consulting, has that in abundance. 

Since joining, Eric Hardy and Patrick Tomina in 2001 as one of w3r’s top three leaders, Keith has used his perceptiveness and ever-expanding business and technical knowledge to identify and profit from opportunities. His methods with client-facing operations have proven successful time and again. Keith sets the pace and expectations for clients, guiding the w3r Consulting team to develop operational procedures and strategies that transform technology into true business assets. 

Keith has guided w3r Consulting through various stages of organizational maturation, working to identify success stories and opportunities to enhance the technology and operations. Now, Keith is applying his expertise in IT staffing to the healthcare field to help w3r diversify and grow. 

When Keith isn’t expanding his professional knowledge, he spends time with his wife and two daughters, and serves as the Executive Pastor of New Beginnings Cathedral in Detroit. He brings passion and warmth into every aspect of his life—inside and outside of the office.