Why Novelty Perks Will Never Beat These 4 Top Job Benefits

Nov 29, 2016

The company with the most money is not always the one that makes the winning job offer. Though monetary compensation is unsurprisingly a big influence, other factors converge as candidates make their final decision. Common motivators link most employees. In all honesty, novelty perks fall short of the top job benefits that healthcare and IT professionals truly want.

What actually appeals to these audiences? Looking at sources ranging from the Stack Overflow developer survey to the Medscape nursing survey clarifies what matters in their deliberation. Interestingly enough, there are several trends that apply to most competitive positions. Keep these in mind when hiring new employees or looking to flesh out your employee retention strategies.

Candidates Want Work-Life Balance

Top candidates will work hard for your business, but not to the point where they get burnt out in the process. Surveys show that 91% of Americans work more than 40 hours a week at least part of the time. Both the IT and healthcare industry run the risk of being entrenched in that culture. In the long run, that leads to increased stress which affects productivity, morale, and even employee health.

Plenty of surveys show the importance of work-life balance. Stack Overflow found that 52.2% of developers want a defined level of work-life balance. One in five nurses routinely work overtime, depending on their practice setting. Employers who can provide a level of balance will continue to attract high level talent.

Candidates Want a Strong Company Culture

Company culture has taken on a level of elevated importance these days. Surveys show 43.4% of developers were looking for a strong company culture aligned with their working style and values. But what that means and what that is often interpreted as by some companies varies greatly.

The idea of company culture often gets diluted by superficial benefits. Culture is more than the fun extras (ping-pong tables, mini kegs, and holiday parties) that get touted in company brochures, it’s the environment and the way things get done. Sure the quirky perks contribute to that, but they’re the cherry on the sundae. Candidates want a place where they feel empowered to accomplish objectives in a way that aligns with their needs and beliefs.

Candidates Want Significant Work

One of the cornerstones of employee engagement is a sense of meaning. Countless employee surveys ask whether or not there is a link between an employee’s work and the company’s objectives. And the answer is important. Stack Overflow found that one out of three developers want to be working on projects that actually matter. They don’t want to spend 40 hours a week on projects that feel insubstantial.

In the interview, companies have the burden of conveying how a role fits into the bigger picture. More than just completing a task, there needs to be clear communication about the level of influence upon the company’s big picture goals. If the role isn’t directly part of the company’s core competency, the indirect influence a specific position has upon the company’s success needs to be addressed.

Candidates Want Flexible Work Hours

Life does not always bend to the will of a work schedule. At least 37% of Americans want the ability to telecommute. Even if total telecommuting options aren’t available, there’s still a desire for occasional telecommuting options or flexibility on days when their personal schedule is hectic. Though not every position is going to be able to offer this level of flexibility all of the time, a little bit of leeway goes a long way in employees’ minds.

Going Beyond Top Job Benefits

This information is only a piece of the puzzle. With salary having substantial weight in most candidates’ decision process, businesses should be informed about what is competitive for the types of positions they are trying to fill. Anyone looking to overcome the nursing, IT, or healthcare IT talent shortage need to be aware. Unless companies are hiring for thousands of positions, the figures can be a bit skewed. That is where having a strong, well-informed staffing partner helps.

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