w3r Gives Back to Local Scholarships Funding STEM Education

W3R Scholarship

When businesses reach major milestones celebration is usually in order, but while some companies opt for parties marking the occasion, w3r Consulting wanted to make a lasting impact in honor of their 20th anniversary. With that goal in mind, the w3r Consulting team decided to give $100,000 in STEM scholarships to the communities which have supported their talent, consulting, and advanced analytics solutions over the years.

Working through partnerships with the Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce and the Chaldean Chamber of Commerce, w3r Consulting created a plan that dispenses the $100,000 scholarship over a five year period. Each year, w3r will split $20,000 between the two chambers. Each chamber will then divide their $10,000 between two aspiring STEM/STEAM students, often fed in from the Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DAPCEP), who satisfy a thorough criteria determined by their board of directors.

The Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce announced and highlighted the two scholarship winners at the 5th Annual Sankofa Awards Dinner. One is pursuing chemical engineering at Michigan State University and one is pursuing a nursing degree at Western Michigan University. Both scholarship award winners manage to balance rigorous academics with community involvement, benefiting their community in multifaceted ways. The winners of the Chaldean Chamber will be presented at their thirteenth annual awards dinner, in which the award will officially be presented to these promising young STEM talent.

“Since Patrick Tomina and I began our careers as engineers and we specialize in providing STEM consultants to members of local business communities, we were very enthusiastic about the idea of contributing to STEM/STEAM education,” said Eric Hardy, Chief Executive Officer at w3r Consulting. “We believe that there’s no success without succession. This is our opportunity to invest in and grow the next generation of leaders,” said Eric.

The $100,000 scholarship is only part of the way that w3r Consulting gives back to the local community. Involvement in other chamber related activities, DAPCEP events, and events like the Walk to End Alzheimer’s are just a fraction of the ways the w3r team makes an impact.

Eric said, “Whether we’re spending time volunteering, acting in a board leadership capacity, or actively providing financial support to programs, our team is always dedicated to engaging with our communities.  It’s that spirit of giving that makes our team exceptional.”

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