How to Increase Your Odds of Getting ETL Developer Jobs

Dec 11, 2017

How to Increase Your Odds of Getting ETL Developer Jobs

Even with evolving big data platforms at their disposal, business users are better positioned to obtain the best insight when ETL developers arrange data in presentable formats that are easy-to-access. The challenge for those looking for ETL developer jobs is to make themselves the candidate of choice in a vast pool of domestic talent and H1B visa holders. A history of ETL development projects is not enough. Our own experience shows that highlighting the following four traits increases your marketability and the range of contract opportunities available to you.

The Right Technologies

Though the full range of technical skills will vary from contract to contract, several reliable technologies make up the nucleus of ETL development projects because of their predictable results. We see the following technologies in particular to be on the radar of most hiring managers:

  • ETL Tools – Two ETL powerhouses stand out in the marketplace: Informatica and Datastage. Both offer high performance, maintainability, and adoptability that have enabled them to become the go-to ETL tools of the enterprise space. More than just referencing these tools, ETL developers need to dig into how they’re used in projects and what results were derived for end users.
  • Scripting Languages – ETL tools have their own limitations and in those instances, it’s crucial that ETL consultants can dig into client systems. Hands-on knowledge of scripting languages like Python, Perl, or Bash allows developers to make adjustments to directories and user permissions when obstacles arise.


Effective ETL development projects require more than a heads down approach. Even ETL consultants need to interact with people on the business side. There needs to be clear communication upfront to determine the scope of work according to decision makers and the practical needs of business users. Without it, businesses might have inaccurate expectations for the end result, requiring complicated modifications that prolong projects.

How do you show your ability to communicate? By outlining scenarios where your communication skills are most apparent. In your portfolio or LinkedIn social media profile, make sure to delve into the ways you have discussed project deliverables, addressed project challenges, and kept decision-makers informed.

Moreover, when you have the opportunity to present the ROI from your portfolio, be sure to do it in terms a business audience comprehends. Talk about greater productivity, increased profitability, or even just the way your work was used within the organization. This makes your communication skills more tangible because hiring managers are experiencing first-hand your ability to convey what’s important.

Problem Solving Skills

ETL developers are often working in systems that predate their involvement with a given company. However, the shortcomings and hurdles presented by those platforms and infrastructures become their responsibility to overcome while delivering on ETL objectives. Whether that means finding a workaround for a glitch or getting accustomed to an unfamiliar program, it is advantageous for an ETL developer to be seen as someone who can adapt and problem solve on the fly.

In your portfolio or resume, present your problem solving skills in a way that shows your thought process. Outline the challenge, show your actions, and highlight the results in a concise and progressive way. By doing so, hiring managers will have a sense of your qualifications before an interview begins.

Increasing Your Odds with ETL Developer Jobs

Candidates who show they offer the right combination of ETL technical skills, communication skills, and, resourcefulness elevate their chances well above the competition. From there, they need to distinguish themselves from the remaining ETL consultants as being the right fit for a given company. That’s when it helps to have inside information on which factors will motivate a company’s decision.

That’s how we can help. w3r Consulting is connected to prominent businesses throughout healthcare, financial services, and other high-demand sectors. Our knowledge of the ETL market and our clients helps us tailor your experience into talking points that deliver results throughout your job search.

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