Giving to the People and Communities That Make w3r Consulting Great

Jan 15, 2018

Giving to the People and Communities That Make w3r Consulting Great

One significant part of the holiday season for w3r Consulting is coming together and showing gratitude to the people and communities that are integral to our success and wellbeing. When we think about those who have helped us along our journey, we want to celebrate their contributions in a tangible way that shows our ongoing appreciation. That’s why we made sure that our employees, our clients, and our local communities know just how valuable they have been this past year and how they will continue to be in the years to come.

Saying Thanks to Our People

Our employees are the driving force that helps us to deliver exceptional IT consulting, MSP talent supply, healthcare payor and medical solutions, and data and information management services. Their expertise, hard-work, and drive empower us to create solutions that grow and enhance our clients.

This year, we hosted our annual w3r Consulting Holiday Soiree as an informal get-together where our team enjoyed food, drinks, and fun at a Detroit metro casino. Local and out-of-state team members came together for quality time Friday night and for breakfast Saturday morning. It was a satisfying weekend where we were able to reward and show our appreciation for the hardworking and loyal people who enable w3r to continuously stand out from the competition.

Showing Appreciation for Our Clients

How successful is any business without an incredible client list to help it grow? Our clients have been major contributors to our ability to adapt and expand our sophisticated services, and we want to ensure that both current and former customers understand how we’ve valued their partnership.

One week after our employee event, we celebrated with current and former clients at the Detroit Golf Club, thanking those who have been big components of our accomplishments. Over 150 people came together for several hours of fellowship and professional networking. Afterwards, we broke out onto the dance floor to cut lose or retired to the club’s lounge area for bourbon and cigars to relax.

Boosting STEM Education in Our CommunitiesNational Business League Scholarship Winner

Where would we be without our local communities? They provide us with the talent to succeed, the local connections to promote our growth, and even a sense that our work goes toward something deeper. That’s why we have been so passionate about connecting with our peers in the community and rewarding the next generation of talent.

Last year, we inaugurated our plan to give out $100,000 in local scholarships funding STEM/STEAM education over five years. Keith Echols, our Executive Vice President, was able to check in with our previous winners and hear about the incredible progress they are already making. This year, we gave out two $5,000 scholarships to Brandi Wingate and Christian Cannon at the 2017 Sankofa Black Business Gala hosted by the National Business League and two $5,000 scholarships to Olivia and Rody Matti through the Chaldean Chamber of Commerce.

Brandi is pursuing Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics, is a Tau Beta Pi member, and has served as an Academic Chair in the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) for three years. Christian is studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Business Management at University of Michigan, has presided on the Executive Board of the NSBE, and interned with multiple organizations ranging from the EPA to General Motors. Olivia is studying Nursing, has earned Honor Roll recognition, and assists ESL students as they learn to read English and adjust to a new school. Rody is pursuing Biochemistry, is VP for U of M’s Biochemistry club, and a volunteer patient escort at Beaumont hospital.

Our previous scholarship contributions are already helping STEM students make the most of their higher education. “The scholarship helped me out tremendously,” said Marcus Langston, a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major at MSU. “It helped me pay for expensive books and codes that were required for my classes. I want to also thank w3r again for stepping to assist me with my education.”

“Each of the scholarship winners has an enormous amount of talent and a promising career ahead of them,” said Keith Echols, Executive Vice President of w3r Consulting. “STEM education is in high demand across the board. By contributing STEM scholarships, we not only support our business for the future but also give back to industries that have given us so much.”

Being Grateful in the New Year

All of these events and opportunities to give have made this holiday season particularly special. We want to once again thank our employees, clients, and community members for making 2017 another great year. Have a happy holiday season, and we look forward to working with you in the New Year.


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