The 2020 Power of Possibilities Virtual Breakfast and Why It Matters to Detroiters

Nov 4, 2020

Difficult times leave a lasting mark on the life of a child. Those children who experience instability, poverty, abuse, neglect, or hardships during their formative years often carry those traumas with them, developing mental and behavioral health issues that last into their later lives.

However, if our communities take action to provide these same young people with the right treatment and compassionate care, we find that they can overcome so much. This belief has been central to The Children’s Center in Detroit for decades and has drawn members of the community, including me and the w3r Consulting team, to their cause.

More than just seeing a problem, this non-profit has taken clear action to help over 9,000 children and families every year, providing services that help heal trauma and overcome hardship. At the 2020 Power of Possibilities Virtual Breakfast held on Tuesday, October 27th, supporters had a chance to learn about the human stories behind The Children’s Center’s incredible work and the non-profit’s roadmap for our complicated times.

The 2020 Power of Possibilities Virtual Breakfast

Though the pandemic may prevent an in-person meeting this year, The Children’s Center adapted the event to maintain this tradition and continue to share the success stories of resilient young people and their families.

The event started promptly at 7:30 a.m. with a few words from The Children’s Center President & CEO Debora Matthews. Then, Debora introduced the true stars of the event: the children and families served by The Children’s Center’s programs. Though we cannot share the stories here (we respect the confidentiality of children and families involved with the program), their heartwarming success stories show that with the right resources, children can overcome the emotional and mental obstacles in their way.

As with any organization in our constantly changing world, it’s vital to know what their plans are for the future. With COVID-19 restricting in-person visits and some changes in funding amounts, The Children’s Center has had to adapt their operations and services to fit this new situation. From my position on their Board of Directors, I’ve seen first-hand all of the careful consideration and effort that has gone into drafting the sustainable roadmap needed to maintain vital services to vulnerable members of our community.

The event ended with an opportunity for those interested to make a difference and contribute to programs that can transform lives. These funds will fuel a variety of programs ranging from early childhood behavioral development and parent education to ADHD management, developmental disabilities services, and behavioral development services. This year, w3r Consulting made a significant contribution. Not only did our team offer to participate leading up to and during the event, but our leadership pledged employer matching for all money donated.

When there is hardship, it’s vital for members of the community to take an active role in the well-being of our neighbors. The Children’s Center, utilizing their programs, therapist staff, and best practices, continue to work daily—even through a pandemic—to alleviate trauma and empower children to face the struggles and challenges ahead of them. It’s why the w3r team and even our community partners like BCBS and Comerica Bank are drawn to support this incredible cause.

Couldn’t make it to the 2020 Power of Possibilities Virtual Breakfast, but want to give to The Children’s Center? Click on the link below and you can make an immediate contribution to the well-being of children and families in Detroit.



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